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  1. Be Safe
  2. Tell the Story
  3. Look Cool
In. That. Order​​​.

Nicolas is a member of the Society of American Fight Directors, and has spent many years learning the art of stage combat through a myriad of classes, workshops, and productions.

original Choreography
by Nicolas a. Castillo

Fight Choreography
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Deathtrap - Garroting

Deathtrap - Garroting

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Deathtrap - Firewood Bludgeoning

Deathtrap - Firewood Bludgeoning

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Single Sword Duel - Dirty Tricks

Single Sword Duel - Dirty Tricks

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fight resume*

Twelfth Night of the Living Dead

The Pirates of Hamlet

Ordinary People



Single Sword, Unarmed


Unarmed, Firewood,
Garroting Wire

Dagger, Unarmed
Loud Fridge

San Diego Fringe



Patio Playhouse
Kate Rose Reynolds

Markuz Rodriguez
& Nicolas A. Castillo

Julia Smith

Diane Jones

Deb Zimmer

*Contact for Full CV

Workshops attended

The LA Slay 2024

Falls and Rolls - Tim Brown & Deanna Sims

Pirate Fighting (Cutlass) - Travis Sims

The Tourist Trap 2024

Knife: An Exploration of Danger - Mike Magliocca

The Prise de Fer (Single Sword) - Patrick Kelly

Swords Aren't Funny (Single Sword) - Emily Asbury & Molly Van Pelt

That's Not How Swords Work (HEMA Longsword) - David Miller

Bridging the Gap to Dirty Infighting (Unarmed) - Patrick Kelly & Nic Santana

Intro to Quarterstaff - David Salvidar

Stay on Target (Unarmed) - Rob Aronowitz

Fight Like Wednesday (Single Sword) - Skye Bronfenbrenner

Silat/BJJ Ground Fighting (Unarmed) - Patrick Kelly

Creating Wicked Choreo, Wicked Fast (Single Sword) - Nic Santana

The Texas Intensive 2023

Victorian Swashbuckling (Single Sword) - H Russ

Fight or F*ck (Unarmed) - Sam Kaufman

Rapier and Dagger - Sam Kaufman

Toss a Sword to Your Partner - Amy Root

Basic Knife - Brandon Sterret

Advanced Single Sword for Beginners - Adam Baglereau

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