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Height: 5'7"   |   Eye Color: Blue   |   Hair Color: Brown

"I could pass for 17 if I just get a shave

and catch some Z's."

-Arctic Monkeys

Training & Workshops

Independent Classes

Acting for the Professional - Jacquelyn Ritz


Grossmont College:

Acting 1 - Meg DeBoard

Acting 2 - Brian Rickael

Acting 3 - Geno Carr

The Texas Intensive 2023

Victorian Swashbuckling - H Russ

Fight or F*ck - Sam Kaufman

Rapier and Dagger - Sam Kaufman

Toss a Sword to Your Partner - Amy Root

Basic Knife - Brandon Sterret

Advanced Single Sword for Beginners - Adam Baglereau

Special Skills

Stage Combat: Hand-to-Hand, Singlesword

Physical: Cartwheels, Juggling (3 balls)

Auditory: Whistling, Snapping, Rolling R's

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